Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Research and Obsessions


Despite many thoughts rattling around in my head, it's a struggle to get a post out each week. But I am more organized this week than ever, so one step closer to carving out time.

I did discover a great resource last week. A work friend, a certified smarty-pants (aka PhD), told me about the public computers at UCSF. I had found an abstract of two articles from The Lancet, from 1917 and 1926, but I don't have a subscription to these journals of course. But UCSF does! I was able to access the articles and email them to myself - yippe! More resources to feed my obsessions!

The articles are part of my research into the production of artist Anna Coleman Ladd and the tin masks of WWI. These masks are an interesting example of the intersection of art and science - a favorite subject. Using this same resource I also found articles from art journals on Ladd, with a focus on her sculpture (actually not mentioning the mask production). Tonight I'll check out an NPR "All Things Considered" episode on her. Then to start work on a blog post about it all.

Image from YouTube video.

 Image from the San Diego History Center website.

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