Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ahh, the New Year (2010!)

I am going to write more and post more often. I am a bit overwhelmed by MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, email, blogging, reading blogs...whew! But no excuse!

I plan on posting once a week at least. I was inspired by a friend Ms. M who told me recently she's kept a diary for years and years and writes in it almost every day. What dedication!

She also told me she doesn't have a list of resolutions, but rather, frames each year in a theme. Her theme this year is "Glamour." So what is my theme for 2010? I have a number of sewing projects I want to complete, embroidery to do and learn, I want to do more creative writing, and put more time into friendships and family connections. So how to sum that up into a theme?

I think the closest I can come is "Creativity." I want to tap more into my creativity and try to work through my tendency toward lethargy. So wait, no, I think the theme is simply "Enjoy." Sometimes I get caught up in the "shoulds," as in "I should do this, I should do that." I've gotten better, but sometimes I treat life, cliche time, like a dress rehearsal instead of the real thing. I want to enjoy more moments, enjoy creative times, enjoy friendships and family.

These thoughts were made possible today by amazing coffee and my man's yummie egg-cheese-avocado-salsa breakfast thing.




  1. YAY! What a great idea to have a 'theme' for the year. I like the one 'enjoy'. It really sums it up quite well! The breakfast looks delicious!

  2. I wrote in my paper journal that 2010 is going to be about exploration, mostly meaning internal--what does this fae *really* want and have?
    my two resolutions: 1) don't be like your mother and ask/take other people's food 2) write in paper journal everyday (did this in 05 and 06 and was very happy i did)

  3. I also really like the idea of themes. My current goal (not resolution, but short-term goal) is to get my resolutions ready to put on my blog. I may take your friend Ms. M's idea and have a theme as well.

  4. Oh that cup of coffee looks so good to me right now!

    I echo your sentiments about all the "MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, email, blogging, reading blogs" - too many things too many places to go electronically! I need more time in a day but that complaint has become commonplace, hasn't it? What I really need is tons of disposable income that I don't have to work 8 hours a day 5 days a week for...yes?

    If wishes were horses and etc.

  5. Oh yes yes Ms. PP...Life is already handed me quite a bit of goodness and luck, although how stunning life would be to work 3 days a week?!! It would keep you in the mix and in some money, and oh to have four day a week to work on other things...sigh!

    And goals and themes and's all so good to take life by the reigns and really figure out what you want to do! Love it!!!