Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gatsby Afternoon & Another Dress Completion!!

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Gatsby 2010

I can't say enough about the Gatsby Afternoon event put on by the Art Deco Society of California. This year was particularly fun and relaxing with amazing food (thank you Teresa, Michelle, Oran, and Franz!!), lots of bubbly, great company and the bouncy ride over in Oran and Teresa's Baby Doll (oh dear now I can't remember the year, make and model - 1954 Ford?).

And...I finished the dress!
Gatsby 2010

It's comfy and exactly what I wanted. I'm not in love with the sleeves (cotton fabric too stiff for the design) and I'm going to replace the matching buttons with a contrasting color, maybe black. The matching buttons were a nice idea, but act like camouflage...eight buttons trimming the belt tie and shoulders and you can't see a' one.

After I think nine Gatsbys I finally saw the inside of the estate! And I learned something new, that Linoleum is period, kudos to the smarty Michelle! Linoleum is brand name for flooring invented by Frederick Walton in 1865. So not only was the day intoxicating (champagne and socializing), but educational!!

Another highlight, see 1st photo below, I had the privilege to meet the fabulous Miss Solana of Vixen Vintage (far right, follow her blog it's so fun) and Julie of Fab Gabs on Etsy (middle with their escort David). Below that are cherished friends, cars, and the Dunsmuir estate.

I will post soon about the dress construction process and my thoughts on the pattern and changes I'll make next time, but now...photos...

Gatsby 2010
Gatsby 2010Gatsby 2010
Gatsby 2010Gatsby 2010Gatsby 2010Gatsby 2010
Gatsby 2010 - 1937 Plymouth
Gatsby 2010Gatsby 2010Gatsby 2010Gatsby 2010Dunsmuir Estate LinoleumGatsby 2010


  1. Wow! The dress is AMAZING! I love the fabric. The Gatsby event looks like it was so much fun...hopefully I will go one year :-)

  2. Thanks! Next steps are to replace buttons with ones you can see. Maybe extend dart further, maybe that'll push sleeves down a bit and learn to create bias-cut skirts! Any tips on bias sewing Debi?