Thursday, September 9, 2010

Heading Toward the Finish Line!


It's Thurs (how did it get to be Thurs?!) and I am soooo close to being done with the dress. I have the sash-thing, sleeve and skirt hems, and buttons to attach and general finishing.


I am a bit concerned that the skirt will not hang as in the picture on the pattern cover.

The pattern illustration has a much shorter skirt, weird right?

I extended the skirt pattern piece to try and get the tea-length skirt of the cover illustration. But not being a pattern maker, I'm not sure my extension will hang around the lower leg correctly - the skirt may be too a-line....hum.

But none the less, it's almost done!! I will actually have made a dress from start to finish with matching purse in 5 weeks!!!! Woooooooo!

Gatsby '10 PurseGatsby '10 Purse Close Up
Close up showing the lovely bakelite buckle I found at La Rosa Vintage.

La Rosa Vintage
Oh look! It's La Rosa Vintage...I heart!!!!

Gatsby '10 Purse Peek Inside
Close up of lining. What else can I make with this fabric? I need ideas!!!


  1. I found you over at Sew answer to your question about what to do with scraps: I keep a big tote full of scraps from past projects to use for things like quilts, doll clothes, small purses or bags, applique projects. I never know for sure what they will work for, but I know I am always happy when I rummage through my tote and I have that little piece of perfect fabric for whatever project I'm working on! Nice blog!

  2. When I looked at the pattern envelope for this dress, it seemed to me that the skirt was cut on
    the bias and that's why it hangs the way it does in the picture. That kind of hemsway only
    comes with a bias cut skirt.

  3. Anonymous...thank you! That totally makes sense!! The pattern says to cut on the grainline. Ohhhhhhh I get it. I've never sewn a bias skirt before, but gettin' the muslin out this week to try this pattern again, but with the longer skirt and cut on the bias. Getting my sewing book out for tips, but if you know of any websites with good directions on bias cutting and sewing I'd be so grateful. Gosh, why didn't I think of that?? I guess my unexperienced brain thinks bias=evening dress and not as a regular dressmaking technique. You rock! Thanks again!