Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Visual Creativity - Mariana Palova


A bit of beautiful for Friday morning. Such a hard time getting a second cup of coffee needed?...yawn!

La Moda
[title not found], Mariana Palova, 2008

A piece from Mariana Palova's work appeared a couple days ago on my iGoogle home page and much of her work I backgrounds, lovely intricate black lines depicting swirling hair or bare tree branches, dramatic costumes, what's not to love!

Mariana hails from Mexico and her biography says, "Mariana surrounds herself with an aura showing special devotion to the nature elements, analogies, the substitution, human monsters and the astrologic environment....[her work is] based on the beauty of human metamorphosis and the allure of imagination..."

She is incredibly prolific. In her scant 21 years, she's created a large body of work, 20 exhibitions, and about the same number of appearances in publications. I find anyone with an obvious passion and drive to wake up in the morning and create and create and create, so inspiring. I have no argument with our consumer culture, if there is a strong creative culture to counter-balance it. Who wants to go through life with the label "consumer"? How much better "creator" sounds. (Although not to forget another one of my favorites, "conservator," or "archivist.")

Surreal Mind, Mariana Palova, 2008

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