Saturday, March 5, 2011

Edwardian Ball 2011 Project


For this year's Edwardian Ball I found a gorgeous vintage Victorian mourning dress with amazing lace at the fabulous La Rosa Vintage. Oran, the manager, really knows vintage wear and suggested I make a wine-colored underskirt and matching front bodice piece. What a great idea, as the dress is so black, it needs something to make it stand out.

Vintage Mourning Dress

Victorian Mourning Dress Closeup

I found some synthetic silk for $2.39 a yard at Discount Fabrics on Irving Street. The cost really took the pressure off as I've never sewn with light, silky fabric before. I could totally mess up and not lose much $ and I could always resort to wearing, under the dress, a long, black slip I already had.

Despite the synthetic fabric being incredibly static-y, it wasn't too bad to sew. The seams didn't pucker as much as I'd feared and despite the cheap cost, didn't look bad at all...yay!

Underskirt Closeup Seam

I used historial pattern Butterick 3418.

Butterick 3418 historical pattern

It's a really easy pattern since I wasn't going to bother with a proper waistband (as it's a simple underskirt) or the embellishment suggested by the pattern.

Underskirt Closeup
Simple rolled hem


I am happy with the result and it showcases the lace so wonderfully.

Underskirt Under Lace

Underskirt Train

I then moved on to making a simple piece that would go across the front of the dress. The dress already had a row of snaps on one underside of the bodice -- ah ha, originally there must have been a piece that was placed across the bodice. I made a rectangle with hems of four sides with snaps along the left and sewed it onto the dress on the right side.

Silk Bust Overlay

I am super happy with the outfit and had so much fun at the event! Sadly it was a photo-light evening, only one photo of me the whole night (eek, I look so haughty) and you can't see much of the dress, but wow check out Patrick, he really went all out!!!

Patrick and Me at Edwardian Ball 2011

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