Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Make Every Day Unique

I was invited by two wonderfully creative co-workers to a Tues hour writing club. Not being prepared I took the hour to think about plans for future creative endeavors. And I came up with my theme for 2012:

Make Every Day Unique

It got me thinking about what days have been unique so far in 2012...

In January, I took a a detour after a visit to Le Video and walked through the Botanical Gardens...

Golden Gate Park on a Sunny Winter Day

Redwood Trees of Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park on a Sunny Winter Day

I saw 12 films at the Noir City film festival (took three days off work so I could go to the late shows). It was extra special this year as I earned my pass by writing for the festival program. It was an honor to be a part and see my name in the program!

Noir City 2012

And at the festival I met a childhood (and adulthood) idol, SF Chronicle and Creature Feature Host John Stanley. What an amazingly sweet and cool guy!!!!

John Stanley and Me

John Stanley!
John Stanley from the late 70s

His website lists his books and his documentary about the Czar of Noir, Eddie Muller!

In February, I ate some fabulous dessert made by the ravishing Michelle! It's a coconut cake, frosted with meringue (toasted via blow torch!), and topped with fruit. Good gosh! The yummie was to celebrate the lovely Aileen's b-day and she and her husband's new house/home. Yay!

Michelle Made Aileen's B-Day Cake!

And tonight I met the talented and super stylish Penny (of Lolly the squirrel fame - her blog is the best!) and her two friends for a lecture at the Conservatory of Flowers on Playland at the Beach. Specifically, author/historian James R. Smith talking about his book "San Francisco's Playland at the Beach: The Early Years 1914-1945."

Conservatory of Flowers

It was so wonderfully eerie to walk through the Conservatory at night. I also had a great conversation with a woman who remembers the old California Academy of Sciences building, how we miss it!

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  1. My pile of acorns appreciates your preoccupations, & toasts your industrious 2012 thus far...! :)