Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Writing About Snow White


Who is Snow White? And what does she represent?

Reading up on her I read about innocence and the drama between the two female characters: one youthful and innocent and the other mature and strategic. There was things written about the fight for the love of the husband/father and other Freudian analysis. These ideas made me start thinking about The cultural and emotional significance and what thought jumps out me is it Snow White representing two stages of female life, perhaps from the perspective of the younger of the two. The older "witch" is what the innocent youth is afraid to become, she is afraid of all the things that signified her birth: the cold and immaculate white snow, the blood of a mature woman, and the black of death.

That's it for now...more thoughts on this tomorrow...I only have a week or so...

Project Update! Completed and published essay for the San Francisco Silent Film Winter 2012 Festival Program: Snow White (1916).

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