Monday, November 30, 2009

Sewing Machine Tension All Kaflooie

Oh dear. I think I messed up my already shaky sewing machine running all that elastic thread through it via the bobbin a few months ago. The machine was a lovely gift from my sweet man, although I think it's time has come - the sewing machine, not the man! He's a keeper, but I must find a new machine with which to sew.

Couldn't find any definitive "this is the best," "this is the worst" reviews, just tons of links to amazon reviews, which are all over the place. Today I did find an article that is helpful I really want an old vintage Pfaff, although I want a machine I can use now. So my decision after much debate is to buy a new machine and then I'll have something to use while I look for the perfect vintage model.

I could possibly just keep fixing the tension (the biggest problem), my Singer sewing machine repair guy did show me how to fix the tension on my own - recording the how-to below to assist my memory.

1. Open slide plate/bobbin cover

2. Remove needle plate - just lift up and slide to the right.

3. Slide bobbin case holder off the edge of the bobbin case.

4. Lift out the bobbin case.

5. With a small standard screwdriver, tighten the two tension screws.

I've been told under normal circumstances, the tension should be set between 3-4, somewhere around there. Much more of less and something's wrong. I should see even stitches on either side. If you see the loops popping up on top, the tension is too high, loops popping up below, too loose. I think I've got that right...might be the other way around, I'll have to double-check.

Anyway, off to Apparel City Sewing Machines on Howard Street. Jumping in a Zipcar near work and heading over on my lunch hour one day this week.

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