Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Tree!!!


Wow, two posts in one day. I am feeling the need to document. I had such an incredible lazy weekend that I'm all a-flutter. I must sleep!! But not until I rave about the joys of tree fakery.

No dirt, no bugs, no water threat to the hardwood floors, no drying tree posing a fire hazard (Yes, it happened to my mother when she was eight I believe - house 1/2 burnt down from a Christmas tree catching on fire. I've seen the photo evidence, although I don't remember exactly how it started). Granted, I think I need to walk around a tree farm (one is just two blocks away) to get the scent of the holidays, but I am so excited about the new tree. We normally don't put the tree up until later due to the drying tree hazard, but this year, up the day after Thanksgiving! We trimmed the tree, drank hot toddies, and listened to Christmas music - ah a lovely romantic evening...sigh.

Lovely Christmas Tree Fakery

Lovely Christmas Light on Racoonie


  1. In order to get the xmas tree smell in my apartment, I'm thinking of buying a pine wreath. That way, i can just give it a spritz of water every few days and enjoy the smell of xmas in my kitchen til i leave for NZ. MC is getting a tree, so i dont feel like i have to this year. Next year (if im in nyc) it's xmas tree all the way

  2. Yeah, I need to do this. I love the idea of bringing green nature into your home when it's cold and grey outside, although being California, that's a bit of a stretch :>)

  3. Looks pretty. I'm not a big xmas person but I do love some of the decor and lighting displays. Also, this is the first year I've noticed a big shift (at least in my friend groups) toward fake trees over the real ones for those that "tree" their home for the holidays.

    The only reason I would prefer a real one (if I got one) was for that delicious pine resin scent!