Saturday, April 10, 2010

Catch-Up Saturday!


I have not documented my projects in a long while. My goal with this blog is to keep projects and progress alive in my head and keep me motivated and maybe I won't waste time playing mahjong solitaire. Not that wasting time is bad necessarily, but I do get so much more satisfaction out of completing's just the procrastination!

When Miz Margo left for the East Coast, I made her a little gifty - an embroidered spider hankie. I had such beginners luck with my first embroidery project - it came out just as I'd hoped.



My new sewing machine (yay) has a foot I'd never used before, to make rolled hems, so my hankies could have a prettier edge.

I also had a lovely and talented friend, Miss Ginger O'Shea, over to teach me a few sewing tips. I am not good with zippers and so she showed me how to put in an invisible zipper. And she showed me how to use my serger machine. I bought an old used Singer serger a long time ago and didn't know how to use it. It still doesn't work quite right. I bought a manual and can't find it! Searching...searching.


And finally, I've been scanning family photographs. A long overdue project to create a family archive. I got a new scanner that is much faster, so once I get all the photos I have into digital form, I'll gather those from my dad and sisters.

One of my favorite pics of my parents and sister Sue.

My parents look completely exhausted and probably are thinking of ditching the kids (my two sisters...just before my time) and having a nice cocktail away from children and Mickey Mouse. Such good memories of Disneyland!!

Now for another cup of coffee and a bit of work on my vintage blouse project.

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