Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's Want


Such an amazing dress, such an amazing neckline!


The fabulous vintage blog Couture Allure always has so much information about posted images:

"At the National University of Mexico, a black Taj silk cocktail sheath with a side-slashed neckline. Sold for $65.00 in 1960 (about $478.00 in today's dollar)...Luis Estevez was a genius at designing unusual necklines. In fact, he became known as the "Neckline King" in the trade.

To learn more about Luis Estevez, visit David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary post about Estevez, which includes a reprint of a biographical article from Santa Barbara magazine and lots more photos of gorgeous Estevez dresses.

All photos by William Ward for a multi-page advertisement that appeared in Harper's Bazaar, 1960."


  1. I love the neck line too, but my question is how do you keep it in that position? I could see that sliding all over the place, bunching and rolling.

  2. I wish there was a view of the back...that'd be the deciding factor on whether the neckline would stay put I think. The bottom edge could be kept in place being the "strap" for the right shoulder and the top piece could be anchored in the back to keep it taut and in place... good thought though...I'm getting better at making dresses from patterns and the next step I want to learn is how to modify necklines! If you know a good book or website for this, please holler!! Cheers!