Monday, April 19, 2010

Satisfaction with a Job...Done!


Oh rapturous day! I've finished my blouse sewing project!!

Completed April '10 Project

I simply can't believe it's done and on a hanger in my closet...I'm beside myself with happiness!

Cutting out, marking, prepping each piece with darts, constructing, struggling with my brain to comprehend the instructions, pressing, pinking seams, buttonholes, buttons, hem, fixing boo-boos...I'm done! I don't know how people crank out pieces so fast...I'm soooo slow, but it's done!

I really passed a big hurdle with this project -- I didn't have the overwhelming sense of frustration that I usually do. This weekend, at each snag, I sat patiently (ok, maybe a few "ack!" exclamations, but no reverting to angry gutter-mouth) and thought it through or carefully talked it through out-loud with my boyfriend. There was at least two big "what?"s that I eventually made work even though I didn't do it elegantly as the pattern intended, but I just couldn't understand.

The process this weekend (the last 1/2 of the project) was actually enjoyable and obsessive from start to finish and not so frustrating I wanted to chuck it out the window. Hoooooray!!!!!!

The pattern cover:

Cuff challenge: I simply didn't understand the directions.
Cuff Challenge

I'm sure the instructions followed to the letter results in a cleaner-looking cuff opening, but my strip-thing seems to be okay, even though the stay stitching peaks out a bit (hard to see in this photo).
Cuff Detail

Collar challenge: Again, I just flat-out don't understand part of the directions.
Collar Challenge

Collar Facing Where?

The top piece of the front extension...what the heck am I supposed to do? I "made it work" as Mr. Gunn says, and although there is an extra, somewhat unsightly seam, the busy-looking fabric saves the day!

Almost done...
April '10 in Development, 3

Done! Back shot...
Completed April '10 Project Back

Shot showing bottom edge untucked...
Completed April '10 Project Close-Up

And fabric detail...
April '10 Project Fabric Detail

My boss just approved me taking a personal day this Friday so I can start my next project!!! Sewing Friday!!!!!!


  1. Great job! About the facing part of the blouse that you fold back, what happens with that is that the top is sewn to the neckline and turned out, and if you look at view 2 on your pattern envelope, it's that little piece below the collar, I don't know how to describe it! The thing that makes it a convertible collar.

  2. It looks lovely. The fabric is great. I always have trouble understanding the instructions as well so I tend to just make it up.

  3. I love the way this turned out - it looks great on you!!! I've had a hard time making a blouse that fits well on me! This one looks so nice : )

  4. It looks absolutely lovely - love the print. I recently made a vintage simplicity blouse with exactly the same cuff directions and I didn't really get it either, but it ended up looking the same as yours - peeking stay stitching and all.

  5. As someone new to sewing, I'm relieved to hear other people confess that, every now and then, they just don't understand the instructions either (I'm not alone!). Not that you'd ever be to tell that by looking at the finished product, btw - it looks great!

  6. Looks beautiful and I love that fabric!

    I'm convinced pattern instructions are sent to test us. I always thought vintage ones were particularly difficult but I recently did a modern Simplicity pattern which various sewists had rate 'easy' and its instructions were just as opaque, incomplete, when not frankly counter-productive... In the end, I had to rely on common sense and it worked out fine.

    I've struggled for years with bias tape openings like that one, and still don't know how to do them elegantly!

  7. In my most recent vintage sewing projects, there is always one part I don't understand and I need to just figure out the best way to do it on my own. I have done two peter pan collars lately and I don't think I did either the way the directions said to. But they worked. Love the blouse you made. Great job. Onward and upward.

  8. Sewing Friday! That's a pretty cool boss. Also, the blouse looks great.

  9. Wow, it looks great! You did an amazing job, and I love the fabric. Although....I may love that spider hankie more.

  10. you look beautiful in your new handmade blouse. i love the print of the fabric and those 3/4 length sleeves.