Friday, July 30, 2010

Food Cart Phenomenon


Margaret and Nomad's Kitchen Bike Deli
Margaret of Nomad's Kitchen at Sansome and Greenwich, San Francisco

I am slow to catch on...the phenomenon has finally made its presence known to my brain. A coworker months ago recommended following the Creme Brulee Man on Twitter. What a great concept! He can be free to go where he pleases, can easily update his account via cell phone, and customers can find him.

The Creme Brulee Man at Dolores Park, SF (photo from Tamara Palmer's SFoodie blog on

Since following the CBM, I've been hearing about this mobile food cart thing more and more.

I asked this same coworker, let's call her Molly (pssst...her real name is Molly), how long this foodie subculture has been thriving. She believes it is in large part due to Twitter, which came about in 2006 and enables the aforesaid customer hookup and exists in all big cities where people love to make food and can't afford or want to start a restaurant.

In comes the explanation of the above photo - Nomad's Kitchen. I was walking to get my usual boring sandwich and I ran into Margaret standing beside her super cute set-up of vintage bike, picnic basket of goodies, and menu sign. She was lovely to field all my questions and to provide an amazing Thai pulled pork sandwich...oh soooo good! She said her set up was a bike deli. She went on to say she loved cooking and preparing food, but couldn't afford a food truck let alone a restaurant. The bike business will hopefully enable her to save up for a food truck, but for now she's having a great time traveling to places, tweeting her location, and selling her food.

I walked back to work with my sandwich and getting to my desk, I knew I had to run back with my camera and get her pic. I found her on Twitter - - and am keeping a look out for when she's back in my neighborhood.

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