Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pending Projects


Sitting at my desk this morning, over coffee, toast, and blueberries, thinking about projects. I need to take stock.

Recent inspiration is an outfit from the Mui Mui Autumn-Winter 2010 collection.


Not a fan of the lower section, but the bodice would look amazing with a full skirt. I'd love to try to make the collar/neckline. But my next project is going to be a 1930s day dress. The plan is to complete it by September 12th for the Gatsby Picnic.

Pattern is #3007 1930s Button Dress from Decades of Style

Based on past experience, this completion date is a bit ambitious, although I have a few days off work this month and the design seems pretty straight forward plus I've found the fabric - yay!

Fabric found at Peapod Fabrics, San Francisco

Locating fabric I like is so difficult, plus I'm not good (yet) at visualizing the fabric and the design together, but I'm feeling pretty good about this fabric. As soon as the pattern arrives, I'll get to work! I. will. finish. on. time. (Don't mind me as I repeat my aspiration a few times...I will finish on time. I will finish on time...I'm good enough, good enough, good enough...)

Does anyone remember Al Franken's Stuart Smalley? (who doesn't have a Wikipedia page?!)


  1. I've also made the button dress -- I found that with my curves it more look like a 1960s wiggle dress (plus I used more 60ish fabric. You might want to add a little extra length since it seemed sort of short when I made it. The back of that dress is gorgeous!


    I'll, too, be at Gatsby. I'll keep an eye out for you and your dress!

  2. Wow...you are busy!!! I'm really inspired! I do have a boyish figure, so I hope it turns out and a million thanks for the length tip!! We must share a cocktail at Gatsby! :>)

  3. That Miu Miu bodice is wonderful! I also don't care for the lampshade skirt part but I can see that as a nice, sleek top.

    The dress you are planning for the Gatsby is very pretty! Would it be in the same reddish color or have you a different hue in mind?

  4. Using the fabric in the 2nd pic above...it's a soft cotton in tan and black...would be perfect with tan 1930s little hat. So happy to find fabric that'll suit me. I keep picking up fabric that I like, but not on me. Maybe we'll see you at Gatsby this year?!

  5. I haven't been to Gatsby before (I know I know, what is WRONG with me???) but I may consider it this year. I've seen photos and heard how much fun it is. I'm going to chat with Miss Lynda (Lily LeRouge) this weekend when I visit her and see if she plans on going.

  6. I just found your blog, and I loved the Simplicity dress ESP the covered buckle that you figured out. Go girl, you are going to be great! Can't wait for your next project!