Thursday, July 1, 2010

Inspiration and Zipper Anxiety!


I am almost complete with view 2 of a pattern I've used before, Simplicity 4298.

Simplicity Pattern 4298
View 2 far left in orange, view 1 to its right

I've made view 1 previously with satisfying results...


...after some alteration...too big across the back.

For view 2, I have left to set the sleeves and make a hem. I am confident about these two steps. It is the zipper...oh the zipper... I am so nervous. I have put in short zippers successfully, but never the 22". I have sent it out once before, which cost $15. This cost seems definitely equal to the avoidance of the stress of putting in this zipper, but part of me wants to get past this hurdle. I haven't made up my mind.

That aside though, I saw some beautiful inspiration today in Louis Vuitton's fall/winter collection. As always, beautiful photos at TLo's blog.

Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2010

Drool, drool! I am going home tonight and finishing my project! Okay, maybe not the zipper, but at least I'll make up my mind to do it myself or farm out the work/headache.

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