Saturday, February 4, 2017

Radio Drama Podcast Launches!


I'm so excited about my new old-time radio, drama podcast Twelve Chimes It's Midnight!!

Look at that great logo by Michael Dean!!

The show launched Thurs night (Feb 2nd) on SoundCloud... ...and so far it's been played 60 times (although 3-4 of those are mine :).

I posted about the launch on my Facebook and Twitter pages and started new ones for the show.

* Facebook -
* Twitter - or @12chimesradio

I submitted to iTunes and to an active audio drama site called Radio Drama Revival. They have recent posts and seem to be very active.

I'll also be interviewed for a post by the author Varla Ventura for her blog. Yay!!!

Arch Obler, writer/producer of Lights Out,
and actress Nazimova, c.1940s
The inspiration for the show comes from old time radio shows, particularly Suspense, Adventures by Morse, and Lights Out, as well as 1940s-60s pulp novels and comic books, and b-movies.

It all started when I agreed to read an excerpt from one of my short horror stories at friends' bar -- Stookey's Club Moderne -- for a Halloween event on Sun Oct 30th (2016).

I chickened out (short story writing just not there yet), but I made a commitment and wanted to perform something to fill out 15-20 min for the afternoon event.

I decided to read from a Halloween-appropriate episode from Lights Out. I picked the episode called "Poltergeist," shortened it to 12 min, and reduced the number of characters to two. I enlisted the help of my friend Brett Stillo (who co-hosts the fabulous podcast 5 Minutes of Trouble, analyzing 5-min blocks of the film Big Trouble in Little China). 

Brett Stillo and me reading Poltergeist
at Stookey's Club Moderne 3.30.16
We read the play with a mic prop I created and some sound effects on my iPhone (hooked up to a small speaker) that I could call up with a tap. It was a resounding hit!

I was hit hard with a wave of inspiration...and three months later, I've written five plays, recorded two, edited and launched the first, and have another event scheduled at Stookey's, to perform and record the season finale (episode 5) on Sat Feb 25th with the Kirk Ribak Trio!!!

Aaron Seymour recording The Darkness

Arron and I recorded episode two, The Darkness, last weekend and I'll be editing this weekend. This is really happening!!

A huge thanks goes out to the sound engineering advice from Scott Louis and Marcus Marchesseault, as well as voice over talent Josh Horowitz (Brett's co-host for 5 Minutes of Trouble), logo design by Michael Dean, and to all the amazing, patient, and talented actors: Beth Abdallah, Audra Wolfmann, Scott Louis, Aaron Seymour, and Brett Stillo. Kiley Brokaw will be joining the group for episode #3. Also a huge thank you to my significant other who prefers to stay anonymous, he made a ton of great suggestions and bits of inspired story ideas! 💗💗💗

Scott Louis records sound effects
for The Darkness

Below are the launch dates for Season 1 -- a little sporadic, but tough to get everyone together, I'm just learning the audio editing software, and I have a demanding job. So I figured sporadic was better than not at all, right?!

2/2 -- Seance Games
2/16 -- The Darkness
3/23 -- Ghost Crush
4/6 -- Adopted Ghost
4/13 -- Chance Encounter (recorded live)

Now back to work editing The Darkness!!!

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