Thursday, July 8, 2010

After Work Desserts!


What could be better after a long day then a glass of wine and desserts? Headed over to Range, an amazing restaurant in the Mission.

Range Sign
Photo courtesy of sweethardt

I wanted to bring my friend Erin to sample some of Michelle's amazing dessert artistry.

Coconut Cake

This is the desert I went there for and the one I didn't write down the menu listing, noooo! So as far as my sad foodie skills go, this is a light-as-a-feather coconut cake with regina peaches, and basil ice cream. All her desserts go easy on the sugar, so you can really taste the coconut flavor and the amazing peaches.

Peach Pot de Creme

This one was, OMG! Peach leaf pot de crème with sour cherries and cocoa nib cookies. It was the creamiest, soft, with subtle flavor of peach, oh dear, oh dear.

We sat at the bar and watched the bartender making beautiful looking and smelling cocktails. He was super nice and answered our many questions, such as what animal product is used in wine making as we know there is wine known as vegan. Answer: egg whites in the clarifying process. Who knew? The bartender of course!! It was a lovely evening of conversation and decadence.


  1. Sigh! I want to join you one of these days!! Michelle is the BEST pastry chef in this country! xx

  2. I want to go again soon...sitting at the bar and dessert tasting was the perfect early evening!! Next week maybe? I'd love to talk food and sewing with you soon!! Just set my first sleeves and they turned out pretty good after much pressing.