Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Cooking - Jello Fun


Wow, how did two weeks go by with nary a thought to blogging...unacceptable!

Work has been exceedingly crazy in addition to a work trip to Ohio where I sadly saw little of the place, but had some great conversations with customers who teach science in higher education (them's some smart people!). So most of my head-space has been taken up with work and thoughts of the future and where I want to go with my career.

That said, I have had a bit of time to look through some vintage magazines I recently acquired, especially in light of the coming holidays! Holiday time is when my thoughts turn to cooking. A couple mags have some great recipes, and some vintage horrors, that I'll be posting over the coming weeks.

Today I'm thinking again on the subject of Jell-O. Wikipedia corrected my erroneous spelling of Jello, to the copyright-correct Jello-O. Prior to the Jello-O brand and in other locations it seems the name for gelatin desserts was jelly or perhaps jellies. I looked at some vintage molds online and so want to bring a fancy-looking dessert to Thanksgiving this year. Or maybe gross-out the family with some savory-type gelatin dessert...hum. Cooking project!


This ad is from the Dec 1, 1954 issue of Australian Home Journal. Yum...so easy! so good! so tempting!!

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